Is the nonverbal communication a key to feel someone out?


As we all know, non verbal communication (NVC) means sending and receiving wordless messages. It is quite fascinating how through things like body language, gestures, or fashion we can find out about other people.

One of the theories of communication, Berlo’s model says that people can receive messages through smell or taste, especially babies who, can’t talk. Obviously the source (someone who sends a message) creates messages which are influenced by factors such as social and cultural systems, attitudes and so on. Basically, a ready-formed message is sent by channels like taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. A receiver bases whatever receives on his own perceptual set: his knowledge, social and cultural system and so on.

The example above may sound very complex until we translate it to everyday language. Every day we send messages to other people and we may not be aware of the fact that whatever we say or write is influenced by our past experiences, social norms and attitudes. On the other hand a person who receives our message interprets it the same way (attitudes and so on).That is why it’s very important for us to learn so called ability of how to communicate effectively.

As was mentioned before, one of the elements of NVC is body language. Generally, there are few types of body language like: interested body language, bored body language, nervous body language, or aggressive body language. Let me put it into horse sense: for example when someone passes you by without ‘Hello’, blushes, and turns away from you it can be interpreted as shy body language. However, if the same person pretends that he did not hear your ‘Hello’ and blushes more, it can be called over-shy body language but how to interpret it if the same person talked to you like a friend only two days ago? Well, NVC is not enough to feel someone out. Words are needed, but sometimes you cannot force people to speak to you.

/Based on the Interpersonal and Group Skills modul/



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2 responses to “Is the nonverbal communication a key to feel someone out?

  1. Terrell

    You made various good points there. I did a search on the subject and found the majority of people will have the same opinion with your blog.

  2. Thanks Terrell. Are you interested in psychology?

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