The art of singing

Sometimes, when I speak to singers, they try to explain singing techniques and things like enunciation, vowel sounds or diminuendo. And I let them talk and pretend that I don’t know what they’re sermonizing about, as I can imagine what singing means to them.

So, what is singing? In plain terms, it is our voice’s natural ability to make musical sounds. A singer’s voice is also his musical instrument, so he needs to take care of it very well.

A few years ago, I studied singing at the State Music School in Lublin, and I would say I know all the secrets of this art: I look at a singer and see and hear what she/he shall improve. Singing is not only about a nice, natural voice. Correct voice emission or proper breathing for singing are also very important, not mentioning emotional layer of tunes.

Every professional singer or student – singer has a teacher or instructor, who practises with him and gives him advice.  During 5 years of studying, I had 2 teachers and one of them was very special – Ms Alina Naumowicz. For us students, she was a coach, accompanist, psychologist, and mother and at the same time a very strict critic. She used to say, ‘Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like it?’ and I was always surprised by what I saw there. She was harsh, but on the other hand, she was the one who was gained respect from people within the school.

She taught us that ornamental singing is unpleasant to the ear, and mormorando should be the first exercise before starting singing.  She used to repeat that a flat sound is not music at all and she never said to anyone ‘You should resign from singing and start playing double bass or drums.’

I would not agree with those artists whose singing is limited to performing only what listeners want to hear from them. Smart vocals, when we don’t put our souls into them are just a masquerade or a miserable attempt of selling fake music.



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4 responses to “The art of singing

  1. 1krown

    Hello, I am just stopping by to say hi. I hadnt heard from you in a while. Hope all is well!

    Take care

  2. Hello my friend, I’m fine, but a bit busy. Take care 🙂

  3. jotu

    Hej Lidka! Bardzo dziekuje za maila i tekst!!
    Niestety moj angielski nie jest na tyle dobry, by wszystko zrozumiec ale to, co zrozumialam (zaraz po Ms Alina Numowicz:)… zgadzam sie, tak było!!!
    Od półtora roku tez ucze śpiewu no i korzystam z tego, co p. Naumowicz na mnie uskuteczniała:) Bardzo jestem wdzieczna Bogu za takiego profesora. Co by to było jakby Jej nie było???
    Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie:)
    Lidziu, napisz też cos po polsku dla takich “anglistów” jak ja:)))

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