Social network – Facebook’s functions today

Facebook, which was founded by student Mark Zuckerberg, is only 7 years old and already has several million users. The secret of this social network’s popularity lies in its practical viability: the users can chat with each other, send messages, post their creative thoughts of the day or invite their idol as a friend. Facebook also gives them a unique opportunity to build vivid profiles with posh pictures.

According to Facebook’s statistics, people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on the site, an average user has 130 friends, and about 70% of users are outside the United States. It has been said that people who have many friends are perceived as more sociable. Others claim that a big number of virtual friends only shows how lonely the user is.

Lately, I read a very interesting article on, 5 reasons to quit Facebook. Its author shares his personal opinion about Facebook with readers. In his opinion, Facebook is a very good source for crackers and other dishonest people, as Facebook’s users tend to post very personal information, sometimes their credit card numbers. Also, Facebook can sell information about its users to advertisers. Moreover, the author of the article accurately observes people’s tendency to join the network just because their friends are there.

Avon and Somerset Police, UK, tried to find 25-year-old Jo Yeates’ killer by using Facebook: the users could see a special advert, which appeared on the site, Jo’s murder- can you help? Also, police were searching Jo’s Facebook account to find any trace of her murder.

Undoubtedly, apart from TV shows a social network is one of the most important entertainments in contemporary society, but not the only one. First of all, it’s a good source for PR campaigns, journalists, and sadly – for criminals.



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