Sergey Trofimov – Russian troubadour

I like searching out musicians and music pieces which are not very well known to a wide audience. Sometimes I find rare pearl, like for example 44 – year – old Russian singer, composer and poet from Moscow, Sergej Trofimov (Сергей Трофимов). I had never heard about him till last year, when I accidentally googled his surname.

Sergey Trofimov has quite an interesting biography. He used to be a chorister regent clerk in a church, and he worked in a restaurant. In 1994 he started touring under the pseudonym ‘Trofim’. By 2010 the artist had recorded 17 albums. Dmitrij Shirokov, director of Russkoye Radio 2 said about Trofimov, that he is one of a few (musicians), who can write in different genres and it’s always interesting.

The first of his songs I had ever listened to was ‘I miss you’ (Я скучаю по тебе). I was delighted by its softness and nice flow of sensitive musical notes. Actually, it was a very simple piece for a guitar but very charming. I could listen to it all day and never get bored, as also the lyrics were extraordinarily beautiful – very poetic and they made me gasp. The song was filled with a Slavic, romantic soul.

No wonder that I had never heard of him. Russian is not an international language and it may discourage non – Russian speakers from listening to Trofimov’s songs. Although Russian is a primary language for about 164 million speakers, and a secondary language for 114 million, it’s not widely spoken in western countries or in America or in Africa. However, sometimes words are not necessary to feel the piece. Music can play on our emotions much better than words can.



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3 responses to “Sergey Trofimov – Russian troubadour

  1. Rodzynek

    I’ve never heard about him before. Till today. Thank you!
    This song “I miss you” is beautiful and his voice – great.
    I have to listen to more his songs. And I regret that I don’t remember too much Russian then listening would be more valuable.
    Sorry for all my mistakes in English but I’m still learning.
    Have a nice Sunday 🙂

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