Easter – Holy Friday

It is ten o’clock before midnight

but the church is still full of people.

Pious prayers blend

with hasty steps of arriving

and leaving parishioners.

Tonight people will be singing

and praying until midnight

as says the old tradition.

One song drags after another

but the crowd seem to be hungry

for singing and people are singing

and singing.

Probably there is no man

who is not singing tonight.

People’s voices are joined

in one, loud sound

– the sound of the bell,

which was used in old times

as a herald of news.

These voices are not ashamed

of their natural cries, natural faith.

Slowly, slowly my mouth is joining

with those paeans

and I feel

I am a part of this


My roots, my heart are here,

between plain people

in the dark church

somewhere in the south

of my country.



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