‘Hector’s Voyage or the Search for Happiness’.

‘Hector’s Voyage or the Search for Happiness’ is a book by French psychiatrist François Lelord. As its title suggests, it’s about Hector, who travels to many places to find a proper definition of happiness. While on his travels he observes people to find out what make them happy.

Hector is a psychiatrist from Paris. He has many patients, who seem to be constantly unhappy. Moreover, he becomes slightly unhappy too, that’s why he decides to take a break from his work and to search for happiness. Inter alia, he visits his old friend in China, and also a monk. Furthermore, Hector travels to see his friend in Africa, and is kidnapped there by drug dealers, and then he goes to the United States. As a result of his travels he writes down lists of things that make him or other people happy: ‘happiness is doing a job you love’, ‘happiness is having a home and a garden of your own’, etc.

Basically, the book isn’t written in a very ornate way, so the average reader would find this work very easy to understand. Also, the author uses humorous style, so the reader would never get bored while reading ‘Hector’s Voyage’.

 I would say that this book is one of the most interesting I have ever read. On the other hand, it inspired me to think about things that make my life brighter. In order not to become too confessional, I’ll only list a few of them. One of the happiest things is listening to music with your friend, as happened to me a couple of days ago, and the piece we listened to was Aria on G String by J.S.Bach. Another thing that I would call a happy moment is talking with children. Two days ago I had a little conversation with my two years and eight months old niece: ‘ N: Auntie? Me: Yes? N: I’ll buy you a star.’ Me:‘ Which one?’ N: ‘That one from the sky.’ What more can I say?




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