‘Talk to me more.’

In 2009, I attempted to translate into English the famous Polish poem – ‘Talk to me more’ (‘Mów do mnie jeszcze’), by the Polish poet, and novelist, Kazimierz – Przerwa Tetmayer (1865-1940).

Actually, I had forgot about this literary piece of work, but I recalled it through a conversation with a friend who completely surprised me when he confessed that he likes reading and was familiar with literary work of this poet. As far as I remember I have always liked the aforementioned poem, so let us enjoy a few words just about ‘Talk to me more.’

The poem is very short and the lyric subject is a man who meets a woman he loves in a quiet place where there are no bystanders: ’people don’t hear us.’ Probably they don’t know each other very well, as that kind of conversation he had missed for years. He actually begs her to talk to him more and more and this is emphasized by several repetitions of the expression: ‘talk to me more.’ He reveals to her his true feelings when he confesses that her words ‘recall sweet shivering’ in his heart and they give him pleasure and ‘strangely sway’ him.

‘Talk to me more… I missed

that conversation for years…

Each of your words

recalls sweet shivering in my heart –

Talk to me more…

Talk to me more… people don’t hear us,

your words move me strangely and sway me,

I caress myself with each of your words like with a flower,

Talk to me more…’


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