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Scared Charles and Camilla


Last Friday I realised that almost every single newspaper had a cover showing a scared Prince Charles and Camilla, who were attacked by protesters. Anyway, I saw that picture on the cover of The Daily Mirror – ‘Camilla attack terror’, The Daily Telegraph – ‘Rioters attack Prince in car’, Scottish Daily Mail – ‘How could they get this close?’, and The Times – ‘Assault on Whitehall’.

Last Thursday in London, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were attacked in their car by protesters who were furious about rising university tuition fees.  The couple were travelling to the theatre. According to the BBC, ‘A window was cracked and their car hit by paint, but the couple were unharmed’.

However, funnier was the fact that each of the aforementioned newspapers actually had the same picture, and I wonder how much the reporter, who sold them the picture earned. To be honest, I don’t know what to think about the incident but only yesterday I heard opinions that it was a good experience for the Royal couple, because they should wake up and taste the life of an average person.


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Students leap out of their skin while the Delphic oracle keeps silent

For a few weeks, thousands of students in the UK have been protesting against rising tuition fees. They are raising their voice, as according to the newest reports the government plans to increase the university tuition fee in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from £3,290 to £9,000 per year.

Yesterday, protests were held in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. Over 150 people were arrested and one police officer was injured (Sky News).

Students from Scotland are the luckiest ones, as cuts will not apply to this region. However, last week they joined the protest too. According to STV, hundreds of students in Glasgow and Edinburgh attended the protest and they were waving placards which read ‘No Cuts, No Fees’ and ‘Clegg Out’.

In other cities some of the placards carried by students said: ‘Cut war not education!’, ‘Cut war not EMA’, ‘We are the future. Think twice’, ‘We would like to teach the world to sing but we can’t afford our music degree’,’ I will never meet my prince at uni now’.

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, refuses to say whether he will back this project. However, in an interview with Jeremy Paxman before the May election he said,’ Of course I would vote against cuts which would destroy any chance we would have of having a sustainable recovery’.

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