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Winter offences

Yesterday when I was passing by one of the cottages in the street where I live, I noticed a man looking at something. When I approached him, I knew what he was admiring; there were three winter sculptures: a frog, snowman and an obscure lump of snow with the Scottish flag on the top. It reminded me of a funny accident that happened the week before, when a woman from Kent, England called 999 and reported that her snowman was stolen.

The snowman seemed to be very valuable to her, as she used pounds coins as his eyes and tea spoons for his arms. And this raises the question, ‘Is something that we value equal to its real importance?’ What is more important, a snowman worth £2 or someone’s life? According to The Sun, Kent Police received more than 8000 general and 999 calls in 48 hours.

Well, the snowman and frog from my street are not very valuable and they are not in danger of kidnapping, so that man can sleep very well and the 999 line is not busy when it is really necessary.


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Snow and related cancellations

Sometimes snow may cause many problems, especially in places where it is completely unexpected. Aberdeen, the third most populated city in Scotland, UK has just survived a kind of little disaster. Only a few days ago I observed with amusement how people reacted to the sudden appearance of an unpredictable guest:  despite a cold temperature which was about -4 degrees, many girls went out in their little black dresses, very often they were not wearing tights, not to mention scarves or caps. And I heard quite comic commentaries like:  I’m so glad I always wear a hat’. Tons of snow were falling down from the skies and people seemed to have a lot of fun.

Monday was not very amusing, at least for me, as instead of walking to College I had to take a bus because didn’t want to kill myself on icy paths. Unfortunately, someone forgot to put some salt or sand on them to make roadsides safe.  Due to Aberdeen City Council’s website, 12 schools have been closed or partially closed, whereas BBC stated that more than 160 schools in north east Scotland were closed or partially closed.  Aberdeen College cancelled some of the classes in locations like Stonehaven Community Centre, Mackie Academy, Kintore Primary School (Community Wing), Dalvenie Gardens (Banchory) and so on. I didn’t know if I should laugh loudly when I read the following information on the College’s web page: ‘Due to adverse weather condition The Hair and Beauty Festival has been postponed until January 2011’. I found it a bit exaggerated but I didn’t dare laugh as I didn’t want to harm anyone, especially students of The Hair and Beauty course.

You might find it a bit controversial but in my opinion the winter is not the worst of all the seasons. If everybody hated the winter such amazing works like Winter by Antonio Vivaldi, Symphony No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 13 ‘Winter Daydreams’ by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Snow Maiden (‘Snegurochka’) by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov or paintings like Winter Landscape with a Bird Trap by Pieter Bruegel the Elder or ‘American Homestead Winter’ by Currier and Ives would not be created. Let us confess: we did not prepare ourselves very well to welcome the winter.


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