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Adele’s “21”

Some time ago (on 24 January 2011), the second album by Leona Lewis’s former classmate Adele was released in the UK. Adele is a young singer from Tottenham, North London.

The album is called “21” and has become extremely popular – in its first week, 208,000 copies were sold. It consists of 12 tracks such as: “Rolling in the Deep”, “Rumour Has It”, “Turning Tables”, “Don’t You Remember”, “Set Fire to the Rain”, “He Won’t Go”, “Take It All”, “I’ll Be Waiting”, “One and Only”, “Lovesong”. Basically, it’s a kind of mixture of pop, rock, soul and R&B.

Adele is definitely the singer who somehow fills a niche in the British music market. Until now we have had crowds of artificially promoted artists. Adele’s work is different; it is moving, it’s great in its sincerity and simplicity. Also, her voice is characteristic; she has managed to create her own style, which means that she is – and will be – recognisable by different publics and no one will confuse her with Cheryl Cole.


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